The Story. The Motivation. The Love. Behind the Leather Art and the Artist.

All the images in this video are ones that the extremely talented photographer, Cynthia August, took of me in "my space". By placing all them together, in a video format, tells a story so much more eloquently then viewing them one at a time or reading a collection of words that have been written about me.

The story too is deeper than the obviousness of what I do and what all artists do. The story is about "the how" and "the why" and the "for whom" it is done.

The story is the breath that gives life to a concept, and the spirit that brings an idea to fruition.

The story is a collaboration of the mind, and heart, and the set of hands that work diligently from a place of love to create an object that hopefully you will love.

The story is the hope that the loving spirit which created that piece for your enjoyment, would miraculously grace your soul with something of greater value than the material it's made of...Love.

Thank you for viewing my Story. Thank you for choosing to wear, my Leather Art.

Be Well. Be Blessed.



To read about my 13 year leather journey:

Cynthia August Images

Photography Music: Discover Musician: @iksonmusic


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