How Did I Make That??? My Leather Dragon Scales Video Tutorial

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My Dragon Scales are 3-Dimensional – they are not tooled or stamped leather! In this video, I demonstrate the techniques that I have developed so that you can make them for your DIY projects.

My Dragon Scales can be easily be implemented in your designs. They are perfect for costume making for Larp and Cosplay fun. Incorporate them into your Medieval Rune and Crystal Coin Bag designs. The possibilities are endless and only limited to your imagination!


In this video tutorial, I'm using genuine lambskin leather, cut into strips, then each scale is hand punched one at a time before it is molded and formed to give them their three dimensional affect. Each scaled and molded strip is machine stitched using an industrial sewing machine.  

Should you find this project to be beyond your crafting abilities, or the process too tedious to tackle, you can purchase my Dragon Scale Pieces!  I offer my 3-D scales in many colors and in multiple sizes to accommodate all of your DIY and Designs needs. For more information, check out my Dragon Scale Pieces, or  email me! 

For project design ideas, please check out my DRAAK DICE BAG and my DRAAK GUITAR STRAP

If you do try this out, please let me know how you make out! I would love to see your completed projects!

Happy Creating!



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