Making My Leather Dragon Scales & my DRAAK Dice Bags

My Dragon Scales are 3-Dimensional – they are not tooled or stamped leather! In the video below, I demonstrate the techniques that I have developed and perfected, and show you a finished work of leather art.  

But before you watch, here's a little back story about my Dragon Scales...

dragon scales guitar strap custom design and sketch

I had developed the technique for making my Dragon Scales because of a customer request for a Dragon Scales Guitar Strap.

The strap design (see illustration on the left) was created using all top grade leather, and hand crafted to my customer's specifications. I custom make them and sell them on my website here.

dragon scales design ideas

My customer got hooked on them, so much so, she wanted them to be used in other designs. We ended up incorporating them into what became my DRAAK Dragon Scales Leather Dice Bags - Dungeons and Dragons Game Pouch.

After the Dice Bags came Dragon Scales Bracers in a silvery pearl lambskin. After the Bracers, we created a Dragon Eye Key Chain and a Dragon Eye Luggage Tag. After those, I designed, developed and created a Dragon Scales Leather Pillow (see photograph below). More exciting than all that is that my Leather Dragon Scales were seen on Television as part of a costume featured in the show, Legacies! Click here to check that out!

As you will see in the video below, I use genuine lambskin leather hides which I cut into strips. I then hand punch scales one at a time before each is molded and formed to give them their three dimensional affect. Each scaled and molded strip is machine stitched using an industrial sewing machine.  



My Dragon Scales can be easily be implemented in your designs! They are perfect for costume making for Larp and Cosplay fun; perfect for your Medieval Rune and Crystal Coin Bag designs. The possibilities are endless and only limited to your imagination!

Should you want to incorporate my Dragon Scales into your costume or DIY leatherworking project, I offer my Dragon Scale Pieces in different sizes and dimensions, and welcome custom requests. I also stock my 3-D scales in many colors with more colors available for special order. For more information, check out my Dragon Scale Pieces, or  email me! 

For project design ideas, please check out my DRAAK DICE BAG and my DRAAK GUITAR STRAP

Happy Creating!



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