Leather Love

The difference between made by hand and mass produced in China - - BOOM!

working with hands blisters and cuts

I’m worth every single penny and then some.

* this photo has not been altered in any way and no professional models were used. Those are my cuts and blisters on my hand, from working with my hands to design, create and serve you ~ with love.

Ingenious Collaborations

And looking good while doing it. Magic Dick is wearing a custom leather jacket by Lisa Cantalupo

Magic Dick & Shun Ng - Glide Magazine

Magic Dick and Shun Ng team up - creative genius times two.

 Glide Magazine - Magic Dick & Shun Ng 

Magic Dick and Shun Ng - creative genius times two

Magic Dick & Shun Ng - Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (James Brown Cover)